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District Manager-Engineer,
Benjamin T. Porter, P.E. 
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This page is designed to assist residents and commercial occupants in getting basic information related to District sewer services. Each link below opens up a PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader to view the links. If you do not have this software installed on your system you can click the link to download the free Adobe Reader software.

On February 19, 2014 the Cupertino Sanitary District Board approved Resolution No. 1249 - A resolution approving guidelines for operation of the District's Sewer Lateral Program. The purpose of this program is to aid home and business owners in upgrading privately-owned sewer laterals and cleanouts within the Cupertino Sanitary District, thereby contributing to the physical, environmental and economic revitalization of the District. Please see the links below for more information.

What to Know...

Cupertino Sanitary District has been serving our community since 1956 and continues to strive toward excellent customer service while providing wastewater collection and conveyance to the City of Cupertino and areas of Saratoga.

The following links provide general information every resident should know.

Sewer Maintenance/Backup Prevention Program

In an effort to help minimize and prevent SSO's and Backups, CuSD has implemented a routine maintenance program. Routine maintenance is performed by our contractor on an annual basis by sections. This maintenance program has been effective in reducing the amount of sewer stoppages and overflows throughout the District and allows us to target problem areas.

If you repeatedly experience sewer related issues please contact our office at (408) 253-7071 and inquire about our annual maintenance program.

Need to drain your pool?

Do not drain your pool into the storm drain. Pools must be dechlorinated and properly drained into the sewer system with District approval and monitoring.

Click here to obtain a pool discharge permit. Once completed, email it to

Call us (408) 253-7071 to get more information on the necessary steps to drain your pool.

Request For Information

In order to accomodate daily requests from our customers for various forms of information, we have implemented a request process that allows us to be more efficient and provide timely follow through on requests. If you need to locate a sewer lateral or obtain copies of records or any other information, please download the "Request for Information" form. Once you complete the form, you can email it back to us at and your request will be processed within 10 days. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us better serve you.

    You must have Adobe Reader to view any of our links.

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    Phone: (408) 253-7071
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