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District Manager-Engineer,
Benjamin T. Porter, P.E. 
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Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you are not able to find what you are looking for on our website then you may contact our office for further assistance.

  • What is a sewage backflow prevention device?
    A sewage backflow prevention device prevents sewage from flowing backwards from the public sewer into a home or business. A sewage backflow prevention device is required for properties that have plumbing lower than the public sewer system as a condition for connection to the District's sewer main. If the sewage backflow prevention device has not been maintained or has been damaged or buried, sewage from the District's sewer main could flow backwards into a home or business. Call a plumber or the District if you cannot locate or are not confident that your sewage backflow prevention device is in good working condition. If you are not sure if you need a sewage backflow prevention device, call the District at 408-253-7071.

  • When is a private sewage pump required?
    A private sewage pump is required with all new building construction and or major remodeling projects where the lowest floor with plumbing fixtures is less than one foot above the rim elevation of the nearest upstream manhole. Prior to obtaining a building permit, the owner mut provide the District with a certificate sealed by a Registered Civil Engineer fixing the lowest finished floor elevation to the rim of the nearest upstream manhole. In addition, a standard gravity sewer lateral is required for connection to the District main and there should be an air gap and a cleanout at the point of connection. Installation, maintenance and repair costs associated with a private sewage pump are the responsibility of the property owner.

  • Who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of sewer laterals and cleanouts?
    The District provides maintenance and repair of sewer laterals within the public street provided there is an accessible and serviceable cleanout at the property line. Maintenance and repair of the private house sewer lateral, cleanout, and point-of-connection to the street lateral are the responsiblity of the property owner.

  • Why is video inspection of sewer lateral connections required for new construction and major remodeling?
    Video inspection of the sewer lateral is required for new structure construction and major remodeling to verify that the sewer lateral is in good working condition. When connecting to an existing lateral, two video inspections are required: one at the beginning of construction to determine the condition of the existing lateral, and a second video inspection is required to confirm that connection of new construction to the existing lateral is in compliance with District requirements.

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